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Ahaan Restaurant

Plah Restaurant 
Terje Ommundsen is known as Norway's best "thai chef", and his restaraunt Plah is one of the most popular in Oslo. The intention was that Thaimani should become a natural part of the kitchen interiour. It should be userfriendly and uncomplicated, so that everyone was inspired to cook thai as Terje and Plah.

224 Pages.
Gatemat fra Bangkok til Oslo. Denne boken gir deg oppskrifter på fantastiske småretter; de beste smakskombinasjonene som det thailandske kjøkkenet kan by på. Og selv om det er gatemat, er dette raffinerte og spennende retter.
Green curry

Plah Home

We make our food with love, and we care about our environment. The chickens we use, have had a great life at Holte Gaard in Telemark, the pigs has been taken good care of by Heinrich Jung and Stølsvidda. We use organic eggs, flour , sugar, nuts, seeds. we ferment, we pound our currypastes, we cook them for hours, and we love what we re doing.  All our take away containers are made of sugercane and PLA, and are all organic.